About The Surf Diet

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The Surf Diet

On a recent episode of “Family Feud” during the final round, survey says that the average length of time someone successfully lasts on a diet is two weeks.

Even “The South Beach Diet” admits that many diets fail.

But for those of you who believe there MUST be a way to get ripped and have it last, then the BRAND SPANKING NEW Surf Diet is for you.


Because it is a new diet in the history of diet that includes a mechanism to beat failure – “The Cheat Day” or “cheat meals” which means the diet is designed specifically for success.

We have all heard of many diet books and programs, from A to Z
Atkins to Zone
and even excellent books like “Skinny Bitch” but how many of them produced LONG lasting PERMANENT results?

This is where The Surf Diet excels.
It is like a “Cliffs Notes” of  diet books, because it incorporates THE BEST of what numerous other diets offer, plus the “fail – proof” mechanism of cheat days / cheat meals, which account for REALITY ~ how people eat in real life.

Hey if a Surfer can’t keep it real, who can?
This Guide is brought to you by experienced surfer Chris Mo’e who has been surfing over 20 years, and now very successfully co-owns Shaka Surf and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, and is also a certified health instructor by 24 hour fitness and ISSA. It is co-authored by Usui certified Reiki Master, UCLA grad, and 11 year yogini Veronica Grey who just learned to surf this year.

The Book is a mixture of his expertise and her novelty so that it appeals to everyone across the board:
those who already surf
those who wish to learn
everyone in between. This includes anyone who simply wants to look like a surf God or Goddess – let us face it, who on Earth has better bodies than surfers?
This also encompasses anyone who likes extreme sports – like rock climbing, mountain biking, etc; basically anyone who does two to four hours of aerobic or anaerobic exercise daily.
Any housewife will tell you that mommy chores and minding children or hoofing it through the mall on Black Friday rivals any extreme sport out there, so this diet is definitely for everyone.

It is more than a diet. It is a lifestyle.
Surfing is an attitude.
It isn’t just about paddling out and finding waves.
Although when you do that, you embody the spirit of a hunter, which means,
those of us hunting the next big corporate account or the next artistic success or even the best romantic relationship, will find something that resonates from The Surf Diet.

With chapter titles such as, “Smells Like Protein Spirit”
it entertains as well as transforms.

Aside from its “fail-proof” real life design, what else makes The Surf Diet stand above other diet books?

There are several differences in the lifestyle incorporation plan.
Without giving too much away (obtain the book on Amazon or http://www.TheSurfDiet.com)
The Surf Diet backs up with research:

*how there’s no such thing as an empty carb
*how late night snacking CAN be good for you if done properly
*why it is sometimes essential to eat MORE carbohydrates (not less)
this will make all you bread and pasta lovers thrilled!
*how vegetarians and vegans get plenty enough protein
*cruelty-free / animal-free options for obtaining proteins
*a realistic lifestyle plan for both meat eaters and non

Plus The Surf Diet discusses the holistic quality of surfing. It is not just the food you eat, but also the books you read, the films you watch, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, and the people you surround yourself with.

As a bonus, it even includes exercise tips for those who wish to surf or already surf or need to do two to four hours of anaerobic or aerobic activity daily.

Finally, it ends with multiple mouthwatering recipes that are simple to prepare and pleasing to any palate.